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We build cutting edge custom software for the neurosciences

MetaCell specializes in Software for Data Exploration, Simulation and Analysis as well as Strategic Consulting


Data Exploration Software

MetaCell provides leading academic institutions, biotechnology and pharma companies with a launchpad to integrate their neuroscience data and the software to visualize and explore it.

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With our unique understanding of neuroscience data, software engineering and regulation compliance, we are uniquely positioned to design and build your custom solutions.

We eliminate all of the complexities of building robust software, and produce user experiences that are as functional as they are visually compelling.

Our Data Exploration Software package may include:
  • Application requirements gathering
  • Project management (including integration with in-house teams as needed)
  • Graphics, User Interface, and User Experience Design
  • Data analysis and harmonization
  • High-quality, industry-standard custom-built software application
  • Protocol integration and workflow management
  • Data storage and synchronization
  • Data access and visualization
  • Continuous delivery and production deployments

Simulation and Data Analysis Software

MetaCell helps research organizations build software they can use to simulate computational models and analyze neuroscience data on the web and easily share results internally or with the public.

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As a world-leading provider of software applications for neuroscience data simulation and analysis, we build solutions custom for you, so you can stop worrying about software engineering and focus on reaching your scientific goals.

Our Simulation and Data Analysis software package may include:
  • Requirements gathering
  • Project management
  • Graphics, User Interface, and User Experience Design
  • High-quality, industry-standard custom-built software application
  • Standard Modelling Language analysis
  • External simulator wrapping
  • Simulation and analysis workflows management
  • Results storage and sharing
  • Continuous delivery and production deployments

Strategic Consulting

Data in neuroscience is generated at a tremendous rate. Knowing how to use it to produce the solutions you need requires crossover expertise from both computer engineering and biology.

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Building your scientific software platform

Is your organization facing barriers to your development work with critical neuroscience data?

Data integration

Aligning, integrating, and delivering knowledge within and outside your organization can be a tremendous challenge. Our in-house expertise will enable you to cut through to the core of the challenge to provide robust and dependable solutions.

Translational computational biology

Get delivery of solidly engineered software that translate sciences discoveries into tangible solutions.

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