Neuroscience Investing in Emerging Sectors

MetaCell, world leaders in software for neuroscience, hosted a live webinar to discuss some of the latest strategies and opportunities for investing in neuroscience.

Priyal Sheth, EVP of Client Relations at MetaCell, chaired a panel to understand possible future directions neuroscience could take in researching, developing, and funding the next generation of treatments for the brain and nervous system.

Webinar panelists:

By watching the webinar you will:

  • Hear different viewpoints on investing in neuroscience, which take into account specific verticals (i.e. drugs, digital health, behavioral health, disease specific, etc)
  • Understand how investors look at neuroscience data management, and the role it can play to take the industry forward
  • Learn how to go from lab to commercialization
  • Discover how to diminish risks
  • Ask about challenges, failures, and successes of investing in neuroscience

The panel originally took place on Tuesday 23rd July 2019, and the video recording lasts 60 minutes.