Modelling the brain, together

MetaCell, world leaders in software for neuroscience, is hosting a free webinar to demonstrate Open Source Brain (OSB), a resource for sharing and collaboratively developing, visualizing and simulating computational models of neural systems.

Developed by the Silver Lab at University College London (UCL) and supported by the Wellcome Trust, OSB promotes development of models in standard formats such as NeuroML and PyNN, ensuring transparency, modularity, accessibility and cross-simulator portability. At present, it counts 700+ members, 50+ research groups and 150+ projects.

With a fantastic guest speaker from Open Source Brain, you'll learn how you can make the most out of your neuroscience models, creating computational experiments, visualising and simulating them without ever leaving your web browser.

The session (45 mins + Q&A) is presented by Matteo Cantarelli, CTO of MetaCell, and Dr. Padraig Gleeson, Senior Researcher at UCL.

Watch the recording