2021 Virtual Miniscope Workshop (Nov 29 - Dec 1)

MetaCell would like to invite you to 2021 Virtual Miniscope Workshop, a three-day workshop covering the fundamentals and advanced concepts in calcium imaging data analysis. Read the full program or register here.

Organized by Daniel Aharoni, Denise Cai, and Tristan Shuman, and hosted at MetaCell's Workspace for Calcium Imaging Analysis, the workshop will take place on November 29 - December 1, 2021 and it will be divided into two separate tracks (both entirely free to attend).

1. A comprehensive 2-day Miniscope workshop (November 29-30) will cover all aspects of Miniscope imaging, from hardware development to implementation, and include a lecture introducing recent advances in data analysis. This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels and participants should leave the workshop with enough knowledge to begin building and performing imaging in their own lab. This workshop is open to everyone and space will not be limited, but registration is required.

2. A hands-on analysis tutorial (November 30-December 1) will go in-depth into how to analyze data using Minian, a python-based analysis package developed by the Cai, Aharoni, and Shuman Labs. Participants will walk through the analysis of demo data through a cloud platform and then work to analyze their own data, or additional provided data. To ensure adequate interaction with instructors, this track is limited to 25 participants, so you must apply for this track.

Participants can choose to register/apply for both tracks, or can choose a single track. To learn more or register please visit the 2021 Virtual Miniscope Workshop website.